Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my fan not working on speeds 1 & 2?
The fault lies in a component called a Heater Resistor Pack Module. This module controls the speeds of your heater fan. The module is easily removed for repair from behind the glove box. Please see our removal & repair guide.

Why has the Heater Resistor Pack failed?
These Heater Resistor Packs use open coil resisters to control the speed of the heater blower. These resistor coils get very hot, become brittle and break - just like a light bulb filament.

What does REZPAX supply?
REZPAX supplies all sectors of the motor trade including Main Dealers, Non Franchised Dealers, Garages and Repair Shops, Motor Factors and Auto Accessory Shops with replacement REZPAX Open Coil Resistors. We use our own resistor wire to manufacture the resistor coils. Our resistor coils will not become brittle and fail like the original OEM part. All Rezpax resistors are precision machine wound in the UK.

How long does REZPAX guarantee their replacement resistors for?
REZPAX replacement resistors are UK manufactured using our own resistor wire that has been custom produced for us using an alloy blend that will prevent the resistors from becoming brittle. REXPAX resistors will not fail. That is why all REZPAX replacement open coil resistors now carry a full lifetime warranty.

How do I fit the resitors?
These resistors are easily soldered into place by anyone. There really is nothing technical to it. All that is required is a standard soldering iron (our engineer recommends a 30watt iron) and some general purpose solder. Please see our removal & repair guide.

When will I receive my replacement resistors?
We post all orders the same working day. We use Royal Mail 1st Class unless otherwise stated.

Will the REZPAX Resistors fit my car?
All Rover series 200 89 - 99, 400 89 - 99, 25  All Years, 45 All Years, MGF MGTF MGZS MGZR.LANDROVER Freelander up to VIN YA999999Honda Civic 99 - 01 (MA & MB), 1.4i 75bhp, 1.4i 90bhp, 1.4i 90bhp BA, 1.5i 90bhp, 1.5i 114bhp, 1.6i 113bhp, 1.6i 113bhp BA, 1.6i 116bhp, 1.6i 116bhp BA, 1.6i 126bhp, 1.8i 169bhp, 2.0TDi 86bhp

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